82. Making your own luck Vs Con artist


I am not sure I understand you. Do you mean he tried to cheat a stewardess? But she is “a system”,isn’t she? If the guy has not taken any other passenger’s seat and thus depraved that person of the comfort that had been paid for by the other, I see no harm.

Now that I think of it , it can be quite a painful and a cruel confrontation with the “white man’s caste system” — the one everybody accepts without a question, as the most natural thing — the invisible, but impenetrable wall dividing those who Have and those who Have Not or Have Less: when you are struggling to navigate the narrow isle of the economy class, performing impossible athletic feats trying to fit yet another piece of hand luggage in the already full and too high compartment , while the gents in the 1st or Business class are already comfortably settled with their complimentary glasses of the bubbly , laptops already open, coldly watching you and other little people suffer the punishments of travelling the poor man’s class. I certainly would not feel inclined to judge the guy that had tried to bluff his way into the “sanctum sanctorum of those who deserve the best on the basis of the depth of their pockets. If he gets away with it, good for him. Let him pretend he is rich — for the duration of the flight, at least!

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