Ivana Knezevic
Mar 23 · 1 min read

Yes Dennett … That would be nice. The kind of leaders you describe. For those too young, too inexperienced, for the stupid and arrogant and all the others you mentioned that would be needing leadership at a time like this.

Who could fit the profile you outline? Um… Dalai Lama? Nah… He is already taken. Also, in spite of all these amazing leadership qualities you describe and which he has, the good man has been in exile for decades, helpless in face of the foreign power’s brutal and aggressive occupation of his little peace loving spiritual nation.

Besides, he is not even American. Which brings me to another thought.

Is this present situation a national problem requiring a national leader? I don’t think so. This mean little virus has no regard for national borders, for ethnic groups, or national economies.

Is seems to me we have a global problem that might require coordinated global leadership. This is a new kind of situation that needs a new approach and a complete change of mentality. That old ideology “each for himself” won’t work. Not even “each nation for itself”!

We have a brand new scenario on a global stage: Humanity world wide against this one invisible deadly common enemy.

In the eyes of the virus we are all the same: Chinese, Russian, American, Indian, white, brown, black, native, immigrant, rich, poor, straight or gay.

Who knows. Is this common enemy finally going to unite us?

This is the optimistic version.

I don’t know.

But good luck with the leadership.

Ivana Knezevic

Written by

A person. A human being.

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