Ivana Knezevic ,
Susan Christiana


Yes, that’s him! I am so glad you remembered and found him! He is / was an outstanding man , author and a scientist. I was not aware he had passed away. All these wonderful people just slipping through our fingers … That is how it feels. How many times I had left something for later — like read something more from him … and just so many things. When it involves others never leave anything for later . It is almost a certainty you will be too late . People die when their day comes and nobody will will stick around a bit longer waiting for you to get down to doing what you had intended. I do not mean you personally Susan — it is a message to myself in the first place of course.

God bless his soul …I must read that last book he wrote when he was dying . The Mind’s Eye. And the others . I told you which one I have read . Actually had that book but I do not see it around in my library any more. Possibly I had sold it. Did that a couple of times when I was in dire strairs financially. Decimated my book collection . I regret it . Because books get out of print , become hard to find, sometimes even rare and valuable…

Thank you for pointing this out to me! 💗

By the way : I am not sure whether you have noticed , but Zev has created a digital “hideout” specially at you request so we could have a private chat. You , Zev and I. I wrote to you there — just tried to lend you a workable perspective on Medium and its “pitfalls and perils” as I see it at least. I hope it can be of some use to you. If nothing else, just to let you know you are loved , needed and apreciated by many, of which I definitely am one. Also , for the umptieth time Susan : education is never, never as important as a good and honest heart . Also never confuse education with intelligence and with common sense. You have plenty of intelligence and common sense plus a huge heart and I never want Medium to be without you. Besides, you have that incredible radar that leads you (and me behind, in the tow) toward the most interesting people , some of which I would have never discovered without you. I appreciate you refering me to this article about Oliver Sacks, thank you so much!

So please go and check out this “hideout” Zev has created. I am not sure how long it can be in place.

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