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Yes. This is indeed how I would define myself at this point in life.

There is an enormous amount of passion I feel every time I sit down to write a story, a letter, a poem, or even just a response to another person’s post .

Yes. I am a writer because I simply love to do it .

If I am to be placed in a solitary confinement I would be seriously hurt only if I were not allowed something to read, my reading glasses and the writing tools. Just a simplest, elementary paper and a pencil . These provided , I would even feel secretly grateful to have been liberated from all the other obligations, the daily hustle, numberless repettitive time consuming brainless activities, and finally be left in peace to do what I enjoy most. Write.


Yes I am a writer but incidentally not for any of the reasons you have mentioned. I am more a kind of a writer that will keep a diary, scribble things to myself . Non-applied kind of writing . Yes I have written loads of essays for my school and studies…some applied writing . I was good at it. Eventually I am hoping to produce something coherent and mature . Something I could offer to the larger odeons to read and maybe it will resonate with some.

What had definitely convinced me, is that every time I read something I wrote in the past, I am simply amazed . I can not believe it was me that had those ideas , that had produced those thoughts . Sometimes I was not even aware I had some of those words in my vocabulary. My memory vault is full of wonderful suprises and I am fortunate to have kept a record of those miracles.

In such moments I know I was given a special gift . There is a person inside me that has a talent and has a mission . She is complete and she is ready to come out and do her thing . She is waiting for me to open the door and let her come out. She is waiting for me to serve her. To provide a safe dwelling, take care of all the pedestrian logistics, keep her fed and warm and then just sit back and watch her perform.

I agree with you. The power of words should not be underestimated.

I was even officialIy given a title of a writer after I had given a permssion for a couple of my stories to be published in a certain magazine .

I am a writer. Maybe it is just because I am not good enough to be a musician. ☺