Why I Always Read Before I Write
Srinivas Rao

You Have a Point There

I read one response to you by a guy who said “ No thanks, I am more from a Steinbeck camp…” Well good for you! That was the only way I also knew how to write until I have discovered the Medium. I do not even know any more how I stumbled upon it. I was just curious and read some articles. Than I saw there was an option to respond to them. So I did. Never did I get to write so fast and so spontaneously as when it was in response to somebody’s else’s writing. At first, mine were indeed nothing more but responses. Gradually I realized that they have started to evolve into a little stories of my own, beyond just being bare responses. I believe it is all about a mutual feedback. Not even “stealing” as you called it. Just giving a feedback to one another. As a writer —or even as an individual living in the world surrounded by others, I see myself as a lamp. Do not laugh, let me explain first. I can be fantastically designed with a great and original lampshade and all , but my main purpose is to shine , being a lamp. And … as beautiful an object as I may be , I am pretty useless as long as I am not plugged into a circuit ! It is my very nature that I have a meaning and my purpose is fulfilled , only when connected to the energy flow. Only then I will shine and be the lamp in it’s full glory. Design and all, but I will shine the light!

Reading first and than writing , gives me a feeling of being plugged in. I start to function without any effort ! The process is such that I start by responding to the others but also ultimately I create something new and independent, that acquires a life and a value of its own !

I have a book in mind that I have been meaning to write. I have so much material , so many amazing stories to tell. Every time , when the mood was right , would entertain my friends with the stories from my pretty checkerd life, telling them of my adventures. Invariably I was told by everyone who had listened to my stories : “Ivana , you must write a book!” I did get down to it. I got as far as a first chapter. Nice , It does grab the reader , he/she wants to know “and then, what happened then?” But I just was not plugged in. I did not find the energy source to continue. It was not enough of a feedback to let a few people read it and to hear “it is great , keep writing , I will be the first one who will buy your book..” I am still not sure how to accomlish this task —actually it is much more than just a task. But enough about that for now. I just wanted to say that right here, I have realized how true your statement was when you said that you read first before writing . I just honestly totally recognized myself in it. And the practice proves how right that is for me. I have never written so fast and so much, almost as possessed, as I do lately , since I have “plugged” myself here into Medium. This may be the first step . Fair enough. One has to begin from tbe beginning , first steps first. Later we will see what happens.

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