Ivana Knezevic ,
Susan Christiana

You have put it perfectly in words, Susan: The difference he made in people’s lives.

One label is hardly ever sufficient to describe anybody. Criminal? Once, not all that long ago whiskey was illegal in America. Which had led to, or faciliated, the formation of the biggest organized crime in history of that country. And to a whole lot of grief…

And lookie now : the Presidents sitting all cozy, drinking scotch on rocks and chatting away… all legal and hunky dory! Just goes to tell you how relative these labels and the values behind them are! From government to government. Never to be mistaken for the absolute values. Yesterday’s criminal might be a today’s hero. And vice versa.

Often these relative, temporary laws and regulations do force an innocent person into a world of what is judged as “crime”. At times they force some to break even the God’s commandments , the only ones I respect. But this is a subject many have written about, many movies made about. Though still , not everybody is capable of grasping it…The difference between the God’s and the government’s laws. And the difference is beyond measure.

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