Ivana Knezevic. 😊😊😊😊! You made me happy ! Yes, I treasure cute little stories like yours here.
Susan Christiana


Susan, there is no wit and no rhetoric in the whole world that will sound sweeter to my ear than your “dang” and all those smiling faces! I love to laugh, but I have just realized that it is even a greater pleasure to make another person laugh. It is the same thing with giving and receiving . Giving is a few notches above receiving in my Book of Pleasure and Joy. About wit: it is in some other book all together. Oh, I think you will enjoy a story of mine titled “ON THE SUBJECT OF DOING IT IN FRONT OF OTHERS” . Look it up , it is here on Medium. I would love to hear your reaction … now I am laughing already, hihi…

It is way past midnight in my timezone. My 4 legged mistress is giving me dirty looks — we are off for a spin around the block. Have a great day. Looking forward to more laughs with you xxx

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