Getting Realer!


Karamba bro, look at all the prose I have made you produce!

In my frustration trying to keep up with your reading on Medium and in awe of all your productivity I know I could never keep up with, I lashed out at you, in a centuries old manner sisters of this world lash out at their brothers -suddenly, unexpectedly, forcefully . Must have knocked you off your feet.

Now you know first hand how it is to have a sister. Sudden thunderstorms crashing on you out of a clear blue sky; you wondering “what have I done now to cause this?”…

I must confess I was somewhat uneasily awaiting to see how you were going to react. I see now there was no need for worry. You are not my beloved big bro for nothing. You took it in a great stride , you did not read things that were not there.

I am so proud to say your response has shown me you are way more mature than many men twice your age. I know enough grown men whose egos would be mortally wounded, who would instantly launch an all out counterattack with vengeance. Because they would experience my words as an attack and see me as the Enemy.

I am also immensely proud to say my brother has the intelligence,the honesty , the wisdom and the maturity that come before the ego, so everything is in a pefect ballance, intact and in an excellent working order.

All in all, you are one precious lovable bundle of all the right ingredients. You are perfectly equipped to deal not only with the weird ,volatile (but loving) sisterfolk, but also with the real chalenges and real attacks that will inevitably, occasionally come your way as you go through life.

Praise Allah and bless your good parents for making you such a decent, wise and gifted human being and for sending me such an awesome brother that has more than filled that empty place my unfortunate sister had left behind.

Now is the time to go hug your parents and show some gratitude . Do not tell, but please give them one extra hug from me.

Khudahafiz Bro