An apology for the sake of being humble


Don’t worry. People quarrel. Siblings quarrel. Friends quarrel. Whole nations quarrel. That seems to be human nature.

If you feel you did something that needs apology , fine. Do it. Do it for the sake of the other person you feel you have offended. Do not apologize for the sake of appearing humble. At least do not apologize to me for the sake of how you want to see yourself. Humble? For you there is a long way to the land of humble.

For now you live a sheltered life my child and savour it while it lasts. Play , fashion make believe words of ancient languages and do not let anybody treat you as something you are not . You have at least some 30 years before you start getting first serious lessons in humility. When you have to earn your own living, support a family etc. You mama cooks your meals , your papa gives you pocket money you have joined every mutual admiration club on Medium, what is there to teach you humility? “Apology for the sake of humility? What is that supposed to mean?