Getting started with draft.js
Julian Krispel

I’ve used draft to build a simple input with some special blocks for usernames on it. I really loved working with draftjs and the result was great!

… but…

The development was not very active and at the time there was just a handful of people working on it.

There was a noticeable difference on handling user input on different platforms. Android was unusable for my use case, and I couldn’t find a way to workaround because of the problem was at its core.

Note that this was a bit less than a year ago so things may have changed a lot in the meantime.

What I ended up using was Quill. Which provided me with the same features that I was using from Draftjs, and a seamless experience across devices/platforms.

This is their website:

Moral of the story: make sure the library you grab supports the browsers/platforms/devices you need to support.

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