I Failed To Prevent My Kid From Going to College
James Altucher

Mobility is a good reason to get a degree. It improves your ability to work in or immigrate to another country (specifically Canada, the one I have researched most extensively.) Not all colleges charge ridiculous tuition and if you work hard and chase the money you can get fees reduced so that you don’t have a lot of (or any) debt.

Here’s an interesting choice, by the way:


College isn’t for everyone and the extension of childhood is probably the worst reason to accept it for our kids but if a that young adult is driven to learn and wants to travel in their career it isn’t a bad idea to just get it out of the way when they are young.

I don’t have a degree and I can say from experience that it is required by 9 out of 10 jobs posted. Whether or not those companies actually care I do not know but the psychological effect takes a toll and -lacking that piece of paper -it takes a lot of courage to apply.

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