Enhance your CV — on the way up climbing the peaks of success

This month, Success Stories Mag introduces to you Georgi Ivanov — a young entrepreneur who in 2014, together with Volen Valkov and Dimitar Vouldjeff, founded Enhancv — a company, which throughout its platform offers the opportunity to its users to create unique resumes and multiply their chances to be hired on their desired job and which is about to get its fourth funding, this time at the amount of half a million euro. He is here to tell us about the experience he gained on the way up of this successful Startup. Enjoy this interesting conversation.

Plamena Petkova for Success Stories Mag:
You have graduated Geology, but in fact you choose to develop yourself in a rather different direction. Tell me a little bit about you, your career path and how did it happen so that you decided to start founding startups? What attracted you to this kind of self-realization?

Georgi Ivanov:
I graduated Geology in the Sofia University and the key moment in my professional orientation was when I was an exchange student for 2 semesters at the Technical University in Munich. Then I somehow realized how many more opportunities life actually offers and broadened my horizons.

After I got back to Bulgaria I needed to change my environment and accidentaly or not I came across Start It Smart– a nongovernment organization designed to encourage more young people to start their own business. There I met with other “conspecifics”, with whom I began discussing the hottest startups, books and TED Videos from the very first day. So slowly we started to also came up with various business ideas. After several unsuccessful attempts I was able to focus on one project and the last two and a half years this is the main thing I do.

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