Why does the new year resolution never end?

I’m writing this article on the 31 of December 2019.

Ivan Golovko
Jan 15 · 2 min read
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It’s the time when you commit to the new year’s resolutions and don’t stick to them. That is what the experience of all the missed resolutions and failures that I’ve made on new years eve was. Since the most requests that I’ve had were positive habits like, get in shape, read more books, increase my income or work less. The outcome is that usually, the old habits overrun the new, especially if you wake up drunk in the middle of nowhere on the 1rst of January. The first urge in your mind is “Water!” or “I need to pee.”. The gym bag is unpacked, and you are not even able to walk straight.

So what can I do to get the right habits in from the start? The answer is simple. Don’t use the new year as your starting point. Start long before that! Start to implement your resolutions a month before the new year, two months before that or even longer. Sometimes you can sense the change in your life through practising the habits and new year could be the point of acknowledging it. The most revealing moment for me during all new year resolutions was the fact that it never ends with just one wish.

Two years back, I was keen to learn scriptwriting, the screenwriting bible arrived on the 31st of December, and I read the book within a day. My resolution was to finish my feature script. Which I did, yet through the time you see that even the finished script needs an update. Three years have gone since then and I’m still reworking the script, the finished script. So did my new year’s resolution fail? Yes! Yet the resolution wasn’t well planned.

Even if I finished the first, second … the fifth draft, the work is still incomplete. You are never done with your script, just as you are never forever fit. It’s life long dedication, and you should treat it as such. So, what will you do two weeks after the new year, a month or year? You still work on your craft, your body and mind since the resolution never ends!

Ivan Golovko

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Novelist and Idealist with a background in medicine. Learn more about my work on https://www.ivangolovko.com/

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