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Hi, my name is Ivan Grekov and I am a frontend developer at Bumble — the parent company operating Badoo and Bumble apps

Our frontend team’s main responsibilities are to deliver new user interfaces and support existing ones across our different applications, mostly within Badoo and Bumble websites. At a certain point in time, we started working on more projects in parallel and this resulted in our code needing greater reusability/stability. In order to achieve this, we decided to rewrite our React UI-components to TypeScript.

At the start of our project, we had 630 UI-components to convert in different internal UI libraries. I am going to describe how we delivered this project without interrupting feature delivery and organised stage-by-stage onboarding to TypeScript for our UI-engineers, who were new to writing TypeScript. …

Part I — why is it not the same as it is for designers?

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How to align elements in user interfaces.

Hi, my name is Ivan Grekov and I work in the front-end team at Badoo. My primary responsibilities entail looking after the user interfaces for a variety of projects. More specifically, this involves working with optical alignment of user interfaces.

In this article, I’d like to share with you why it is important and discuss the role it plays in user interface development.

Moreover, I will talk about what frontend developers need to know about ensuring the optical alignment across icons as a process for their routine work, in the aim of finding solutions to help develop new, high-quality user interfaces without slowing down the development process. …

Part II — how can the process be automated?

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In the previous article we defined a list of problems with existing approaches to optical alignment: why alignment is needed, how optical imbalance appears, and why design-based approaches may not be the best solution for frontend developers. It has been just over a year since I first published the full article on the topic and subsequently attended in several Meetups in London, sharing the benefits of the approach that I will describe in this article. …


Ivan Grekov

Frontend developer, Bumble

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