What is B2b marketing and what is B2C marketing?

Business to business marketing or commonly known as B2B marketing refers to the process of marketing products,goods and services from one business to another business or organization. So for example B2B would be what I am doing right here, I provide services for other businesses.

On the other hand B2C marketing,also known as business to consumer marketing refers to marketing from one business to the end consumer. Retailing can practically serve as a definition for B2C marketing. It is only an example,there are many more, but this is the best one for you to get the point.


Most people in marketing and in general think B2C marketing is superior (aka easier) to B2B marketing, I couldn’t disagree more! You just don’t know how to do it.

Reasons why B2B is easier than B2c

YOU ALREADY KNOW YOUR BUYER- You have already mapped out who you are targeting, you know all the people in the organization, you can learn everything abou them; when do they go to sleep, how long do they shorew for, what color is their toothbrush? You just have to put in a litlle work.You need far less money on marketing- I don’t know how much money can you spend on marketing if you need to acquire 5-50 customersMore reliable client- B2B marketing is all about trust and building a relationship. Don’t get me wrong building a relationship is crucial to succeding in B2C, but you can sell a case of wine even if you don’t have your customers trust. We buy everyday from businesses without them ever acknowledging our existence . In B2C it doesn’t work that way, no one will ever buy from you if the other side doesn’t have 120% faith that you are the best decision they can make and that you truly care for their interests. Therefor our slogan “We are here for you”, that is our north star and something we at Plabor will always obey to. Yeah, sorry for all you idiots with fads out there. Your shit won’t work.


Now that you’ve realized B2B is superior and that those companies are better suited for marketing, let’s get into some practical tips

The best practial tip that I heard came from Gary Vaynerchuk: Find out which business you are targetting, find out what they want, reverse engineer them and make a video commercial on Facebook solely for that company. Run that ad against the people working there and name the video “Does your boss(CEO,CMO or whoever you are targeting in that comapny) know …xyz…?” The boss will recieve dozens of emails and you’ll get a new client.

We as human tend to believe more to something if a lot of people are behind it, this is called social proof. Did you ever see a person that you know is pure shit but is still popular? That is the power of social proof people go where other people are. In history that was usually the right choice, the masses and the group is always smarter then the individual. At least that’s what they say, don’t really agree, but that psychology got us to the point we are at know, so can’t say nothing ’bout it

HAVE A BLOG- like no shit this will drive so much new leads for you that it’s unbelievable. A blog improves your SEO and puts you higher in the Google ranks. Every time somebody reads your post he becomes a potential customer. Yes, the chances are 0.02%, but the more awarness and attention you get the better! Let’s just throw in a fun fact that businesses that have more then 311 pages on average have 75 leads per month, and businesses under 60 pages have on average 5 leads per month. So you choose to blog or not

Have the entire lead generation in process: 1. Have an offer to gice- a problem you solve, which is contected to your product, but is not an easily found online resource.. 2. Have a call to action- get them to your landing page 3. Landing page- pure info exchange, you give out valuable information in exchange for their contact or personal info

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