CONTENT MARKETING IS DEAD: The New Way Of Marketing, Plough Through All The Content And Be Discovered INSTANTLY

Content marketing(old way)

Content marketing is a term commonly used by marketers, to describe a form of marketing, which focuses on putting out content relevant to a targeted audience. Basically it is giving people away free and valueble information that intrests them, for their personal information or more commonly “just” for their attention. The apostrophes are there for a reason. Attention is your biggest asset. Attention is the name of the game. Content marketing is a value exchange. Pure and simple,give something to recieve something back. Something like my blog

Most of the times, content marketing is produced in a way where people share knowledge with other people about a certain niche subject. So for instance you want to learn how to skate, you type into youtube: How to be Tony Hawk? And viola, “Tony” pops up and teaches you all you need to know. That’s not only specific to skating, it’s like this in every smallest niche you can find. Literally, all the information you want and need is a click away. I bet you,you can learn how to build a rocketship based on youtube tutorials in a matter of 2 hours. Joking, you cunts, obviously, but you get the point. That wasn’t available 7-10 years ago, I mean it was, but you needed to dig deeeeeeeeep to find anything. Nowadays, not that hard.

Exactly that is the problem, information has become such low value. Basically information is as valuable to people, equally as dick is to women. It’s abundant. No need to worry about it, the information (dicks) is (are) always there. Fun fact: today in a window of 48 hours there is more information produced then from the beginings of mankind to 2003. Still think content marketing in this form is the way to go?

Become the Kardashians (new way of content marketing)

To be frank content marketing(in this shape,way and form) was the bomb a couple years ago when nobody did it. But as you know marketers ruin everything, so that’s what they did with content marketing. Don’ get me wrong, it still has it’s place in the grand scheme of marketing, for sure. People aren’t gonna waste their time if you don’ give out valuable info.

But, to your delight, we still haven’t ruined one way of content marketing. It’s in the early emerging stages, when you can take advantage of it enormously. Actually, I wouldn’t call it even creating content, in three words I would describe it as: Become the Kardashians. Creat your own TV show, film every breathing, living moment of your life. Edit it at the end of the day and let it out. Go that so far that you hire someone for a full time job to film you going around, into every meeting, at lucnh, in the shower, even when you’re wanking of. I know it sounds so retarded that you would never even try it, but believe me… If you don’t take a chance on it you’re gonna regret it.

The best part of it all is: you get to decide what comes out, Kardashians don’t. BUT before you take out the camera, you must know this is not for everybody. You do HAVE TO have an interesting life. WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WATCHING YOU EAT COOKIES WITH GRANDMA, day in day out. All though I bet some retards would watch even that. Who knows,everything needs to be tested.
To be honest this idea is not that new, vloging has been around for a couple of years already,but the marketers didn’t see it’s true potential yet. Therefor everybody has a chance. The field is young and wide. Jump on it like a thirsty as white boy jumps on the lonely girl by the bar at 6 am looking for the abundant. Looking for the D.

Eat your own shit, Ivan!

Why aren’t you doing it if it’s such a great idea??????????????
Hey, cock-face, glad you asked. I am going to start to doing it, in a week our so. We are still young, don’t worry.

But the truth is their is so much potential is this, and you are gonna see who is right in a cuple of years when you are doing it. When you got onboard too late. Listen, you don’t have to listen to me. Just observe other people’s behaviour. How many people watch the Kardashians, how many people watch vloggers? I certainly don’t, but I do know a shit ton of people that do. It all comes down back to the fact that people like seeing behind the curtains. All people are Peeping Tom’s. Give the public what it asks for.

Sorry guys for the constant swearing throughout the post. I wanna engage you guys and therefor use some harsh words to wake you up from the . Just to provoke a bit of a reaction. Hope you don’t mind, if you do, get the fuck out of here, cause I sure as hell ain’t gonna stop it. If you people judge others by their language and not their interest, I have no interest in doing business with you. Love you all XOXO

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Thank you,

Ivan Guberina, Plabor