FAST NEWBIE GUIDE: What is Marketing And The Truth About Expanding Your Business On A Low Budget


“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large.” “Marketing” (Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair Jr, Carl McDaniel 2011.)

Now that you have the fancy definition, so you can satisfy your sophisticated ass and pump up your ego giving your friends lectures on marketing at the bar on a lazy sunday, let’s return to the layman’s terms and practicality that anybody can use. Marketing is nothing more than a strategy by which a company tries to create a desired action from customers. First figure out what is the end goal? Start from there backwords, every strategy should be detailed out by dismantaling the big picture into a step-by-step process. You don’t have to complicate it any more than that. You want brand awarness? Great, then make a strategy for that! Want to sell a shit tone in a short period because unless you do you are going out of business? Great, creat a strategy for that!

There are practically a million different ways and forms of marketing. I’m not going to get into that now. If you are interested, check out the different types here


I’m sure of three things 1.Every guy thinks he can win a fight 2. Every guy thinks he is the biggest “player” in his squad and 3. Everyone thinks they know how to market.
But time and time again I sell people doing the same shit over and over… Most of the “marketers” today are in the sales business. Marketing is about offering value and sales is about transaction, and at the end about taking value. Although since the customer is getting a product this can be argued. But you see the point. Marketing and branding is about giving and not asking anything in return,being satisfied with getting “only” the attention. Building awarness. Actually that’s all you truly need. When you have their attention and they value you, then you can go into sales mode. An ok product with great marketing can give you never imagined amount of sale. Bad marketing of a great product makes it look like you’re selling apples full of worm. Still remember it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if the final product sucks balls. You can give tremendous amount of value,market all you want to an Eskimo, even build a great relationship. but your not gonna sell him ice!
Coca-cola didn’t sell us their product over aggresive banner ads and pop-ups they made a brand out of themselves. Instead of chasing the market, the market came to them.
This is all branding baby,what does Coca-cola get out of this? Sales? Ironically,yes, but in the longterm… It get’s something much bigger, brand equity


Praise the Lord for social media
After all this time, of being oppressed by the big companies. Spending big bucks to buy out all the advertising areas from mass media, and push you ot of the game. In today’s world this came to an end. You finally have a say in this process, it’s only up to you if you have the chops to play in “the big leagues”. Cojones, senor! It’s a level playing fiels, and if you are good enough you are going to win!

Okay so you have the “cojones” and know what? Where to start, what strategy to employ?
The short answer is: It depends.

Basically it all comes back to what I mentioned at the beging of the text. Find your end goal, what you’re aiming to achieve and work back from there. It also depends on which industry do you work in, do you work B2B, B2C? Do you have money for the longterm and building brand equity (which is always the best option in my opinion). Or are you going out of business if you don’t get your sales up?

Luckly for you, there are a couple of steps that everybody should focus on:

•Post constatly

•Give valueable and relavant content

•Post content native to the platform you are posting on (don’t just make one post and post it on all platforms, think of the customer, what is he here for on this platform and how to make his expirience better)

•Document don’t create (tell your story)

•Engage with your customers and build relationships


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