How we taught dozens of refugees to code, then helped them get developer jobs
Gijs Corstens

Dear Gijs,

this is great to hear that you are helping refugees to integrate faster but may I ask why didn’t you did this kind of thing with your fellow countrymen? Looking at statistics there are currently 471.000 unemployed people in Netherlands (source:, 9.8 % of them are aged 15–24 years (source:

Did you try to help them but was there no response from them or did you automatically presume that they are not worth your trouble?

Also food for thought: In the beginning of the article you were giving a remark that there is a rise in anti-immigration and far-right movements in Netherlands, but did you ask yourself why is this happening? It’s because when they see the actions of people like yourself who are more eager to notice and help people from distant country and culture than their fellow countrymen, they become sad, frustrated and angry and they project their bitterness and hatefulness onto the immigrants.