7 and a half months in

We have finally concluded our pre-seed funding round and we are accelerating towards a prototype.

A post about myself.

What does a technology startup co-founder do?

In the last three weeks I have been:

  • A data analyst programming in Python,
  • An electronics engineer designing printed circuit boards in KiCad,
  • The same but programming Arduino-to-Arduino-to-computer communication,
  • A product designer laser-cutting finger tactile transducers,
  • A research tailor, assessing conductive textiles,
  • An accountant, registering for VAT, paying HMRC taxes and issuing shares,
  • A technology analyst, preparing a technology feasibility report for Innovate UK as one of the deliverables for our grant
  • Who does that, a director? — finding and establishing connections with partners, collaborators and suppliers,
  • Oh! Even a physicist. I have worked on some first-principle physical models for limb movements.

Sometimes I find it hard to prioritise, especially with such a complex topic as we have. But find it easier every time.