Deep science ventures. Week 10. Prototyping

19 Mar ’17

Week of programming and soldering. A very poor demonstrator is finished!

Learning Processing language again. Connecting it with Myo armband and Leap motion. Adding Arduino. Unfortunately I cannot connect Android phone to my computer as an external display (can create apps). Electronics shop in Kilburn. A simple demonstrator / proof-of-concept is ready but the haptic feedback lags by 1 second. Which doesn’t add to immersiveness.

We officially have two scientific advisors. In addition, finally have tried Playstation VR and HTC Vive drawing program at UCL VR lab. Sony doesn’t have any haptics. HTC Vive is super cool but I want to see my body!

Realities Centre organised a AI/VR conference with people from IBM Watson, Oculus and others. Both me and my wife (who became a programmer) visited it - our professional interests finally converge! Unfortunately the speakers didn’t really connect the AI and VR - in year 2017 they are a bit in different niches. Probably in 2 years they will become more interconnected.