Deep science ventures. Week 11. Pitch sprint

26 Mar ’17

Mostly pitch preparation the whole week. It was a good idea to start 2 weeks earlier and to follow Mario’s (our venture partner’s) story line:

  1. Intro slide / big statement
  2. Market now
  3. Market growth / how amazing it will become
  4. What is rotten in it / market problem
  5. Testimonials from the industry people
  6. Now come WE!
  7. How we gonna solve it
  8. What are our value propositions
  9. Now why we will succeed: Team / Technology / Traction
  10. Team is perfect. All the necessary skills
  11. Technology is perfect (video from a not-lagging-any-more proof-of-concept!)
  12. Traction is here from all the directions
  13. Customers are here (one customer)
  14. This is the roadmap
  15. This is the business model
  16. Thank you

It js very difficult to find a time to speak from busy people: Sony is almost impossible to get on the phone (even though one guy is very helpful and trying his best), a CEO of three companies is very difficult to reach as well. Need to chase him constantly.

Meantime my wife has finished her -months at Maker’s academy (software bootcamp).

And the spring is coming