Deep science ventures. Week 3. Ideation

29 Jan ’17

The week started with a fun ideation workshop by Haidin. "What if we could adapt to extreme conditions" lead to an idea of "uploading your consciousness into anything/consciousness virus" and paper prototypes of an Adaptive Skin/Suit (or "Skuit").

Every week we have a one-to-one meeting with our management team, in particular Dom. He provides good ideas on commercial and market aspects. "Find the biggest impact", "If there is a real need for something, it can be made". This approach is very new to me, lots of learning. E.g. business model canvas - the instrument to quickly represent your business.

The 1st ideation session with Kourosh was far too exciting. We came up with 41 idea, 2/3 of which ranked 5/5 in excitement. I nearly died. When I am excited, my heart starts beating faster, blood runs stronger. Here, it became almost unbearable at one point, then I lost all the energy at once. At least we have some feel for the project. Still need to narrow this down.

We met with people from Realities Centre, a new space building a community around AR/VR/MR. They will host an accelerator, a learning centre and a show room with 360° room. Amazing contacts, very helpful and excited themselves.

I never knew what CES is (the largest Consumer Electronics Show). Now I hear about it from every corner.

Every week some people from a cohort share their skills. Last week it was me, Jose and Jim talking for 2 hours about semiconductors, with Lego people representing electrons. This week Kourosh and Daniel made and overview of CAD software. Useful and interesting. Visited Makerversity.

After narrowing down our ideas to one more specific area we did another ideation session on the specific industries (Medicine, Education, Military, Well-being etc). Came up with 118 ideas. It’s impossible, they grow like mushrooms after the rain. I am guessing after the next narrowing down we will have 300 ideas...

Week ended.