Deep science ventures. Week 6. Deep down into tech & personal

19 Feb ’17

Diving deep into micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS). In three days I knew everything there is to know about electro active polymers (EAP). Plastics that change their size on application of electric field. One company in US has the best ones - flat, thin, flexible and almost transparent and very fast. They are moving to large area manufacturing (like people from InnoLAE always want) and they are planning to create haptic feedback glove! The other company suggested to create a haptic pixel 5x5x5 cm for €4000. We need one million of them...

Some personal / communication issues with my co-founder. What is "enough commitment"? Some personal / communication issues with one of the managers. Why commercial risks are not always technical? 
But. An amazing deep science dinner on agricultural technology or AgriTech. Context:

  • Increase of population (more people to feed)
  • Economic growth (more people want better food and meat)
  • Food import bill
  • Climate change

Invited investors, young startup, old stable company and researcher who tries to produce drugs from GMO tabacco.