Deep science ventures. Week 7. Growth rate

26 Feb ’17

After three days of acute illness coming back to the office. Even managed to submit a proposal to Innovate UK.

Got a supercool book "Mom's test" from Dom on Customer development:

  • Instead of asking if my idea is good ask about their lives
  • What are their problems, how they try to solve it, did they try something else, is there a budget for solving it
  • Walk through their work flow
  • Finish interview with "who else should I talk to?"
  • Avoid compliments, hypotheses and their ideas
  • Look for commitment: time, reputation risk and financial

We need to carry out these conversations with our potential customers in order to understand

  1. How good we need our technology to be
  2. How much are they going to pay for it

Solved personal issues both with Kourosh and Dom. Fine! Found out about manufacturing hurdles from many startups who worked with Chinese factories to produce games and wearables and one on certifications which we will need to get eventually. They will be some fun times.

On Friday got into contract with an amazing woman - researcher in biomedical physics from London South Bank University who finds our problem challenging and interesting and wants to know how she can be involved! Super-friendly and wants to help. Hopefully it will work out.

Kourosh is designing a logo for Valkyrie Industries: