Deep science ventures. Week 8. OEMs

5 Mar ’17

OEM stands for Original Electronics Manufacturer.

We have started speaking with potential collaborators and customers.
The most insightful conversation happened with the VP of new technologies at HTC Vive. Actually, even the contact itself was totally by chance. First, I found him on LinkedIn, then I found him again on the HTC Vive X (VR accelerator) as one of mentors in Taipei. Then I guessed his email through and sent him a cold email. Out of 7 emails to different people at HTC he was the only one to answer, because he was coming to London. So I am super lucky and he is super friendly. And we traveled to Slough! Which is awful.

Dom doesn’t want to give us £500 for prototyping, he says we need first to commercially de-risk our project. It makes sense, although my hands itch and I draw electrical schematics.

NHS people are cynics. "NHS is broke" "If old people died 20 years ago, they would not cost us millions". "60 year-olds retire, forget about GP and in 15 years come to A&E critically ill and cost massive amounts to sustain their lives", "NHS is good in keeping people alive".