Deep science ventures. Week 9. People

12 Mar ’17

A light-speed week.

Wearable Technology Show with awful lots of VR companies, VR/AR creative agencies. Finally people who really need our haptic device this year. Medical Realities/Amplified Robot: "Everything will be awesome, even just ***[trade secret]!". Bam! From Ultimate haptic device down to ***. This is an amazing insight to the first prototype. All others though say "show us your prototype, we will see, evaluate and give you a feedback".

Some very cool startups, e.g. Dreem - the ones who affect the Delta rhythm of brain-waves during the deep dream by sending synchronized sound bursts. French neurophysiologists say it works! Cool, coming out in the summer. Another nice company - Acitv5 - a small palm-size device for static exercise, it has a very nice learning curve and amazing app. They should arrive to Europe by the end of year. A lot of Ukranian startups - a lot about privacy - e.g. voice mask for smartphones.

Almost a contract with London South Bank University! Ooohoo. And met amazing guy Oliver, he did a lot of motion capture and now working in building VR experiences himself. Super friendly, probably will be adding him in some sort of way to our team. Another person - Bechir from our cohort, he killed his project and wants to work with us. It might be difficult to bring him on board. I don’t really understand the reason, but I feel slightly uncomfortable - is it greediness for our project? But I didn’t feel it with Oliver, I dunno... We decided to do a one-week test and see how it goes.

And yes, on Friday I finally started coding with Leap motion! 2 weeks left until the pitch!