40+ content creation tools — for your content marketing

A set of tools for creating great posts, presentations, graphics for your content marketing.

Content creation tools — for your content marketing

In this post, I’ll write about content creation tools, part of the vast family of content marketing tools.

A good deal of e-commerce site owners underestimates the importance of valuable and engaging content to increase traffic to their websites.

First, I want to give you a list of different formats of content for your site or blog:

Why do we need engaging and valuable content on our e-commerce website?

  • To improve brand awareness. Create content that tells and informs about the brand — its history, focus, products backstage and efforts.
  • To create loyal followers. The goal is to create a tribe of fans. They’ll visit the blog posts about the new products and will share them on social networks and with friends.
  • To train your customers. Content marketing must be able to answer customers’ questions and provide instructions. So, they can use an organization’s product or service to its full capacity.

Content creation is a complicated and time-consuming process. Before writing, one goes to discover and research sources of similar content. That’s necessary to verify and upgrade the knowledge and information and also for inspiration.

Content and topic research

I presume:

  • You already have a mental model of your audience and know its interests.
  • You have already chosen the keywords and topic to write on.
  • You almost guess the reactions and effects after your publication.

The following tools will help you analyze the content you want to write. They will suggest its structure and subheadings:

For example, I use a search for posts about soaps and shampoos for my e-commerce site which sells personal care products.

1. Reddit

Search subreddit for your niche with the best suggestions and discussions on the topic.

Reddit as content creation tool

2. Google Trends

Look for a topic world is searching:

Google Trends as content creation tools

3. Feedly

Create an account in this RSS reader. Include in your feed the best blogs and online posts that contain the topics you are interested in.

4. Quora

Find questions on your topic and follow the answers. Sometimes there are many aspects to consider. You can take advantage of issues you are competent in and use Quora for your content marketing.

Quora for your content marketing

5. ScoopIt

That platform allows you to find selected content by topics or keywords.

Scoop.it is content marketing tool.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Find the most relevant keywords and phrases to optimize your content on the topic. The tool shows the range of search volume that a keyword receives each month.

Keyword planner

7. Ubersuggest

Freemium online tool that allows you to find words related to a topic. It offers keyword phrases. That’s an excellent tool for bloggers, SEO professionals, SEO copywriters and for digital and content marketing. With it, you will discover the users’ interests in the network and what terms they use to find information, services and products.

Ubersuggest to find keywords phrases

8. Evernote

One of the top organizing tools, useful for your content. Save and organize ideas, notes and screenshots from sites.

9. Content calendar

You can use Excel, Google Sheets, Trello Calendar, Notion Calendar and the same options of other project management tools for your content calendar. In the content/editorial calendar you have the opportunity to follow the topics and categories you have written about. Then, you decide what another article to write with a similar subject of a successful post. It is also easier to see which posts need updating.

10. Twitter lists

The List is a selected group of curated Twitter accounts. You can create your own Lists or follow Lists created by others. Viewing a List feed will show you the tweets only from the accounts in that List. For example, I have lists Content marketing, SEO and marketing, Social media, Writing.

11. Newsletter

When a website has valuable publications and the author is full of ideas, sign up for his newsletter. It’s easy to cancel the superfluous, but you’ll pick a few subscriptions that offer you real value.

Content creation tools

Magical tools that can create unique and valuable content for your posts automatically do not yet exist. However, there is a set of ​​tools to help you write text, create visual, video and audio content. Here I’ll list some of these tools I find very useful.

Text enrichment tools

Online text enrichment services offer synonyms, rich adjectives, adverbs and phrases to make content more interesting and engaging for better results. We can also use the writing software to check English grammar, spelling and style correction. Some sites are useful for Instagram by offering a variety of hashtags related to a special hashtag.

1. Synonym Search Websites

2. English text verification tools

3. Plagiarism check tools

4. Other text creation tools

Visual content tools

Pixabay and many other sites with free to use images, illustrations and icons.

1. Canva

A great tool that allows you to create splendid images, infographics, lists, video, ebooks, animated banners and much more. It has a vast number of shapes, icons, photo links, filters, colors. You have the possibility to put your mark on the images.

2. Crello

An online tool like Canva. We can use it to create easily graphic designs for social media, videos for Instagram stories, full HD videos, posters, photo books, print, logos, advertisements and more. The tool has a vast collection of already designed templates and video/photo content.

3. Easel.ly

Affordable site for infographics. Once you get used to working with the graphic editor, you can easily recreate your ideas. Training videos will help you to use all the opportunities.

4. Stencil

Simple image editor with text for social media, bloggers, commercial purposes.

5. Infogram

Convenient for anyone who needs to create data-driven content. Marketers and media companies can benefit from good-looking charts and infographics, maps and reports.

6. Piktochart

The service has an editor for presentations in the cloud, tools to create infographics, brochures, posters, reports. That is everything you need to уоur small business in visual creation. Great content creating tool.

7. Venngage

An easy tool for infographics. The online service contains also dozens other options for creating graphic and media content.

8. BeFunky

A powerful and intuitive online tool with Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Graphic Designer. Offers hundreds of templates, a built-in library of icons, images and graphics. Extremely useful for quick actions and image optimization for your content.

9. Fotor

An online powerful photo editor and graphic design tool that offers all the basic editing features and many templates for social media posts, planners and more.

10. Pixlr

This online tool allows you to create attractive images to use on social media and your site. There is a great and rich photo editor which you can use to optimize images for your projects.

Content conversion tools

To get more opportunities to share your content, you can take advantage of some online tools to convert your text content to other types. In this way, you can gain the attention of more users and attract traffic to your site.

1. Prezi

A set of content, presentation and video design tools that work even more effectively on your online communications.
This online service includes Prezi Video, a video creation tool through which you can join live with your image to comment the graphics; Prezi Present, moving, scalable presentations to display details; and Prezi Design, a visual editor for creating interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, posters, social media charts, and more.

2. Beacon

This tool allows you to convert your blog posts or content published on third-party sites into ebooks — PDF files. In this way, you could upgrade your old content to make a second project. With Beacon, you can create professional lead magnets.

3. Visme

A graphic tool like Canva. This service allows you to create infographics and images for the needs of your website or social media. It is also capable of creating dynamic presentations which you can upload to sites like SlideShare.

4. Audacity

Free great audio editor, simple to use. You can easily create and cut audio for your podcasts, with good community support and tutorials. It is possible to download a portable version for the Windows.

5. Spreaker

The website is one of the most famous services for podcast hosting. Spreaker enables anyone to participate in and interact with a rich community of audio creators and listeners. If you are a podcaster in Spreaker you’ll find all the tools necessary to simplify and speed up the podcasting process.

5. Lumen5

Lumen5 extracts text and images from your content and compiles them into a short video. It is also possible to upload a script for the video or create it from scratch with text, photos, video and music from the built-in library. Edit the video by changing the font, layout and music. Download and use it for your ads.

For these tools, I made a sample presentation, processing it in Visme and in Google Slide:


I hope you enjoy the content creation tools I have listed. They are just a small part of the vast family of web tools for each phase of creating your publication, graphic presentation and more.

Here is a simple algorithm for the process of creating content for a site or blog:

Algorithm for content creation



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