not The End

This goes to ALL sexual orientation:

If you are currently in an unhealthy relationship, a relationship in which you have doubts, or the feelings aren’t mutual: 1. Don’t keep hurting yourself. 2. Don’t think you need acceptance from your current partner to end things. Make a conscious decision and end it. 3. Don’t be afraid, let go. 4. CUT ALL communications. (This is more for unhealthy relationships. If you really want to move on definitely do number four) 5. Go on outings, treat yourself, try new things, and do things that make YOU happy. (Don’t do things that remind you of your past relationship) 6. Don’t try to deny how you feel after the breakup. If you feel sad, GRIEF and cry. 7. This is the time to reflect and get to know yourself. (Don’t judge yourself, be understanding) 8. Become aware of the lessons learned from your past relationship. (You WILL fall in love again) 9. DON NOT let your past relationship make you bitter. Let yourself become vulnerable again. (With the right person, not just anyone) 10. DON’T let your past relationship experience affect the next one. (You will probably lose someone who genuinely cares for and loves you) 11. Continue healing.

 Ivanka Santiago

(Photo taken and edited by me)