A developer’s dark side

Deciding where to go to a University is indeed hard. It was 2006 and I didn’t think the places available to me in Sofia, Bulgaria could teach me something I couldn’t teach myself from the internet. I was already an employed developer and the previous year I dropped out of the Technical University in Sofia. Correcting lecturer’s errors and doing months worth of assignments in mare minutes got old pretty fast. Its not that I was all that good, its just the quality of the education was … lacking.

So what could I do? Relocation was not an option because of financial and foreign status concerns — I was a Russian living in the Europe. Well I thought to myself, why not study something I’m actually bad at, then the skill difference would be so big that it would be a worthwhile effort.

So I decided to go learn graphic design in New Bulgarian University — an establishment recognized for its knowledgable lecturers, steep fees and bored rich-kid students. But admission was not so easy, especially for my maths and physics background. I had to actually learn how to draw to get in!

So I went on an adventure of drawing and painting that taught me a lot about recognising details, color theory and sitting on your ass for 6 hours strait.

While I ultimately dropped down from there as well, the skills I learned there is something I’m greatful for and use regularly to this day. And as a bonus I no longer feel bored looking at famous paintings in a museum, as I can appreciate the craftsmanship, talent and dedication in each work of art.

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