Forgotten Soviet Military Cave

Bulgaria, as most countries, has quite a lot of hidden gems, places that are not all that known by the world, but have an incredible natural beauty, fascinating history, or both.

Today I’ll talk about the Devetashka Cave — a simply breathtaking place, with an interesting twist in its history too boot. It was used as a military storage facility for fuel back in the soviet days, as it has a very stable cool temperature all year long. So, a place of nature and an abandoned soviet military sight — bring it on!

And it all starts with the alleged favourite travel spot for King Boris III — just in front of the cave.

In hounor of King Boris III — this is the place he used to sit in his travels…

We start with a giant cave entrance, as all self-respecting caves should.

The cave itself sure is gorgeous — it really does look like a level design from a very expensive game, or a scene from an HBO fantasy drama …

But now we get to the really interesting part — the old soviet military fuel depot — there’s not much left, as most hazardous and metally things have been cleaned up, but the foundations of the giant fuel reservoirs are still visible.

I can only imagine how the soldiers felt, when they were given orders to start ruining this astonishingly beautiful place, turning it into one huge fuel tank. I’m eternally grateful that they’ve done everything they could to keep the natural beauty of this place, even in the hight of the cold war. They could have probably tried to “reinforce” the walls and the shaky looking roof of the cave but they didn’t — they left it mostly as it was. And I’d like to think that it was because they hoped one day their grandsons could see the natural beauty of this place again, when there is peace in the land.