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In peoples’ minds, the BMW brand name stands for an ultimate driving experience. All BMW vehicles are designed to impress drivers. The car maker has mastered the art of creating positive emotions with their vehicles. The magic begins when a driver takes place behind the distinctive BMW steering wheel. Every single BMW vehicle allows its owner to enjoy the power of the engine and to feel deeply the sharpest responses of the vehicle’s handleability. To put it differently, the BMW fascinating driving experience translates into the driver’s enjoyment of the driving process.

If you are able to imagine something, there’s a good chance it could one day become reality. Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design

People love to drive their BMWs because those vehicles allow them to enjoy the process of driving. However, the future is coming and the ‘smart’ self-driving vehicles are going to change the world of driving. In the nature of things, noisy combustion engines and fast reckless drivers will disappear soon. Therefore, BMW is working on its next strategic steps to catch up with the future of hybrids, electric motors, and autonomous vehicles.

According to BMW official web page, the car maker is going to make its ‘fascinating driving experience even more intense in the future’. The company claims that the new era of self-driving cars will unlikely transform drivers into passengers. Moreover, with the help of Artificial Intelligence systems, the future drivers will be in constant communication with their vehicles. BMW claims that the intercommunication process will be occurring in the most intuitive and natural way. Similar to the Iron Man suit concept, the next generation of BMW vehicles will be able to enhance the driver’s range of perception. The new artificial intelligent super hero AI is called the BMW Companion. In theory, it will transform any average driver into the “Ultimate Driver” — the best driver anybody can possibly be. In fact, BMW VISION NEXT 100 is the only BMW vehicle that is equipped with the novel Companion AI system.

Our goal was to create a very personal vehicle. There will always be that highly emotional Connection between a BMW and its driver. Karim Habib, Head of BMW Automobile Design

The BMW VISION NEXT 100 concept is aimed to demonstrate several theoretical trends of BMW technological development for the next couple of decades:

  • BMW Digital Companion.
  • Innovative Alive Geometry.
  • Boost and Ease Driving Mods.

BMW Digital Companion.


The main purpose of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 concept is to design an entirely new way of engagement between a driver and his or her vehicle. In theory, the ultimate driving experience will be supported by ultimate digital components of the car. The combination of those components creates an innovative machine intelligence of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 and allows the car to become a digital Companion for the driver. To put it differently, the pilot of the VISION NEXT 100 will be able to receive subtitles and intuitive assistance in every situation on the road. To make it possible, BMW designed a new HUD (head up display) system for the vehicle where the entire windscreen serves as a huge display of augmented reality.

Furthermore, the novel Artificial Intelligence system will be able to process instantly the data from built-in systems (radars, lidars, cameras, GSM/GPS receivers) and to provide the driver with proper recommendations and assistance through the new HUD system. As a result, with the new AI assistance, the owner of the new vehicle will become an “Ultimate Driver”. However, the carmaker avoids any comments on how advanced this new AI will be, neither it provides any of the system’s technical specifications.

Innovative Alive Geometry.


The Innovative Alive Geometry of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 will be not only serving its functions in the vehicle’s exterior but also will be an addition to the interior info-system of the car. First, the new systems will represent a new type of information display on the dashboard, which in combination with the new HUD will warn the driver about the obstacles on the road. Second, the Alive Geometry system will be represented in moveable wheelhouse covers, which will allow the vehicle to have superior aerodynamic characteristics.

Boost and Ease Driving Mods.


A special BMW Intense driving pleasure of the VISION NEXT 100 will be represented by the Boost Driving Mode. The vehicle will be having a regular steering wheel and will stay completely under the driver’s control. Moreover, with the BMW digital Assistant AI system, the driving pleasure will definitely become an ultimate one. In addition, the new Artificial Intelligence Assistant system will allow the driver to enhance his or her range of perception and to become an Ultimate Driver.

On the contrary, the fully-automated Ease Mode will hide the steering wheel from the dashboard and will transform the interior of the vehicle into a comfortable living space. The Digital Companion will take over all the driving functions of the car. The Ease Mode will transform the Ultimate Driver into a resting passenger.

The powertrain is unknown

During the first presentation of the VISION NEXT 100 the car maker did not describe the powertrain of the vehicle. In the official press release, BMW announced that the car will be both “emissions-free” and “dynamic.” After all, the vehicle of the future must be fully electric or at least be equipped with a hybrid powertrain.


Final thoughts

As can be seen, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 is just a vision car. The vehicle is still very far from reality:

  • First, the vehicle lacks any visible proofs of autonomous systems.

Radars, lidars, and cameras are hidden in the grill — Is it enough space?

  • Second, the AI is not completely developed.
  • Third, the powertrain is an unknown mystery.

Nevertheless, the technological trends for the NEXT 100 YEARS were chosen. The good news is that BMW is on its way to the future.