Day 1 : Andela Bootcamp Homebased self learning

A journey of thousand miles begins with one step

It’s the first day of Home based self-learning, the second part of Andela Bootcamp. It’s been fun so far, and I am looking forward to learning something new every day. This experience is priceless and will significantly change my life.

Today’s lab exercises have opened my eyes to world of Object oriented programming, being able to apply its concepts to real world problems. I must admit some have been challenging, but that is one of the motivational factors to join Andela. So far I have not only honed my skills on test-driven design, pair programming, but also how to work in agile development environments.

Andela’s approach is very holistic. It’s not just about making you into very good web developer but more about being a human being coming into work and understanding you’re working with other people that are much like you (sometimes).

It has made for me one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. There is hard work but it is enjoyed thoroughly.

All in all its been great journey.