Ivan Lasater’s Dinner Party Tips, Moab UT

Want to know how to plan an amazing dinner party in Moab, Utah and be the envy of all your friends? We’re going to get some advice from a professional in the Oil and Gas Industry, no pun intended.

Ivan Lasater lives in scenic Moab, Utah. He works as Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises, an oil and gas production recovery service. Moab is a beautiful tourist destination in Southern Utah. Adorned with red rock cliffs, slot canyons, river banks, and open rolling valleys, Moab attracts tens of thousands of tourist each season to its landscapes. Taking into account the eclectic influences world tourism has introduced to Moab’s local population, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that Ivan has become quite the dining and social night life aficionado.

Ivan stresses the idea that a dinner party requires immaculate planning. It matters not whether Ivan’s parties are small, medium, or large. All are perfectly planned right down to the corkscrew.

“Planning begins with knowing what you’re celebrating. Will someone be popping the question? Is it a birthday? A military welcome home? There are an assortment of occasions to celebrate but each one should have its own theme. Themes create a sense of purpose and provide a cause for celebration.

Keep in mind, Ivan is a stickler for details. There won’t be a lot of long boring details included in this blog, but he stresses that keeping notes of details for your dinner party is a must!

“Once you have your notepad at the ready, and you’ve selected a theme, it’s time to decide on the décor. Will this be a major celebration or more of an informal get together? It’s good to keep in mind that although this occasion may not be about you, it is a reflection of you. So create something that is comfortable for you and speaks a little of who you are. This reflection of you in combination with a theme which celebrates the subject is a flattering way of communicating connectedness for the occasion.

There should be a clear difference between a casual celebration and a formal celebration. Ivan describes some of the basics for planning casually.

“The last thing you want at a casual gathering is to create a formal mood. Keep it simple and inviting. Some relaxing music and an atmosphere that’s easy on the eyes helps guests feel comfortable. Creating a casual atmosphere is always about socializing and relaxing so there shouldn't be a great amount of formality involved. A salad bar, buffet, BBQ, or even pizza family style will do nicely for a casual occasion.

Attending Ivan Lasater’s dinner parties is always a memorable occasion. But when someone conducts a formal occasion like Ivan, it’s a celebrated memory.

“I reserve my formal celebrations for very special occasions. Holidays, wedding receptions, engagement celebrations….it needs to be very important. The planning that should go into a formal dinner party is extensive. We’re talking invitation only and RSVP’s. The menu should be planned carefully to offer the proper variety of dishes for a refined and tasteful theme. I want the atmosphere to speak of class and elegance as opposed to elaborate décor and cluttered misguided distraction. I want the space I have available to me to be utilized in the most practical manner while still creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere where guests can celebrate the occasion.

These are some great tips from Ivan. Look forward to future blogs where we can begin to explore some of the more specific details we’ll need for a great dinner party.

Ivan Lasater is a Moab Local and Owner of ICL enterprizes.

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