50 Amazing Things In Singapore Part III

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed my previous two stories about amazing things in Singapore. I am continuing a saga about this amazing country, so here are more 10 amazing things to share!

21.In most cultures it is acceptable or even ‘must’ to leave the change in restaurants and shops. In Singapore it is not acceptable, not even for one single coin. If you come from abroad, as I am, and still don’t know this unspoken rule, you will find out about it very soon. If, by any chance, you leave the change in the shop and turn your back to go out, the shopkeeper will call you and even run to catch you and to return your money!

22.I have already mention this, but I have to highlight it — people in Singapore are not prone to conflicts. They are all very, very positive, optimistic, they smile a lot and always greet each other, find a nice word for everybody.

23.The public transportation is really great, as I have already mention at the beginning. Basically there is no need to have your own car. The plan of the Singapore Government, and I think they are really close to fulfill it, is that each person living in Singapore is no more than 10 minutes away from the first metro or bus station!

Photo: Sgforums.com

24.Most of the things in Singapore are organized with saving time on the mind. For example, I live in condominium and I don’t have to go out to throw garbage bags in containers. No, there is a simple hole in the wall with the small doors, so I just have to open these doors and throw the garbage in the tube in the wall and somebody else, who is well payed for that, will do the rest of the job with the garbage.

25.There are many people from Indonesia that come here in Singapore, to earn money and to send it to their families back home. For example, there are many women from Indonesia who take care for the kids, cook and clean to Singaporeans and in return they live with the host family and also earn well so they can support their families in the home country. From one side, people can earn well this way, and from the other side, Singaporeans can invest much more time in careers and education.

26.Bureaucracy in Singapore is great. I’m coming from the country where administration is eating it’s own people and I wish our leaders could take some great examples from Singapore. All you need to do, you can do over internet. For example — vacations in your firm, free days in your company or even the employment pass. Yes, I made application for employment pass over the internet system and then I got notification on my phone when to personally come and take the pass! Of course, if you are late, you have to ask for another appointment because ‘late’ and ‘Singapore’ doesn’t go hand in hand!

27.Paddling on rivers is very, very popular sport and recreational activity here. Almost everybody has paddling team here — for example, working colleagues, all the firms, family teams, etc.

Photo: Scf.org.sg

28.Singapore is short with natural water supplies and that is why it pays a lot of attention to water, meaning they do their best to keep all of their rivers as clean and possible. Part of the water supplies Singapore gets from the neighbourhood Malaysia, part is coming from collecting the rainfalls and the part comes from the water purifying system. Singapore is actually a leading country in the world for water purification!

29.Singapore is very close to very exotic and the most popular touristic countries in the world, like Sri Lanka, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia… So, travelling abroad from Singapore is easy and affordable and most of all, a lot of fun. If you are coming from the typical European country, as I do, then all these destinations are something that will take your breath away!

30.There are many low budget airlines in this part of the world, especially if you are travelling to the countries nearby. Some of the most affordable airlines is Air Asia, easyJet and Scoot. I remember that in the famous BBC article about Singapore the main question is the cost of the living in Singapore. But all else you get living here actually makes it worth paying! One of the things you certainly can enjoy while being here are these low budget airlines!

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