The tale of a paradoxical product design

How dating apps sabotage your chances at finding love

Product Management

I shouldn’t have to be an SEO specialist to write content that clicks

What I’ve learned by analyzing 41584 product management posts on Medium banner
Detailed report — Link

How to prep for a product career while still in school with Gabriele Zennaro, the founder of podcast “Now What?”
An hour Hangout call

What you should do before writing a single line of code.

2 men putting text bubble into a mobile app
Putting our new app together!

Google hangout with Ben Laplance

Mental cheatsheet to becoming a “Google-search search machine”, coming back.

The death of group project…one kitchen has more than one chef

The hybrid framework for product managers and scrum master to translate high-level growth to actionables.

Dealing Room (under maintenance)


Presentation pitch for

Guide on how to open up yourself to unlimited opportunities

Yes, that’s me.

Ivan Oung

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