Each of these areas affects the speed of startup growth, but often there are contradictions between them.

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Each of these areas affects the speed of startup growth, but often there are contradictions between them. In this article I will tell you what these contradictions are and how to solve them.

The whole story is based on my experience in developing SaaS products. Therefore, the article will be most relevant for those who work with SaaS and use SEO as their main source of traffic. But parallels can be drawn for other types of sites as well.

Prioritizing tasks

In an ideal world, you launch a product with a full-fledged team of SEO specialist, product manager, and marketer. …

Sitechecker research on how top SEOs work with their websites, what content they change and how often they do that.

In the previous study, we created infographics based on static metrics and for websites from all niches. In this study, we decided to research a specific niche in dynamics. We looked for an answer how top websites of the niche are optimized and how many changes they made for a month.

So, we decided to start with an SEO niche. Research contains websites of SEO blogs, SEO tools, and SEO agencies. Why we choose this niche?

It is interesting to…

When we want to hire an SEO expert, it seems that everything is simple. Show me your results and I will tell you who you are. This is a way how Google recommends hiring SEO specialists too.

I think it’s a little more complicated. Intelligence is more important than experience, and past successes are not a guarantee of future victories.

SEO is a profession where there is no guaranteed technology for getting results. And those who get the result cannot do exhaustive reverse engineering of their strategy and understand what worked in a plus, what in minus, and what is…

How we grew our organic traffic to 500k visitors/month

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For three years, our team increased the total traffic for three SaaS products to 520k unique visitors per month. 90% of visitors come to us from organic Google searches. In this article, I will tell you what SaaS SEO strategy has helped us achieve these results.

For all three products (Sitechecker, Copywritely, Kparser) we used a similar search engine optimization methodology. Therefore, I think that the methods described here will be valuable for any SaaS product.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology basics.
  • Ideas for creating pages.
  • Ideas on how to get backlinks and traffic.

Methodology Basics for SaaS SEO Strategy

The methodology is based on two axioms:

  • Your product will…

And the complete guide to getting started

When you launch a startup the first thing you should do is to get feedback from as many users as possible. This is crucial to iterate and improve your product.

When we launched Copywritely, a software that checks for plagiarism and readability, we found no better way than using AppSumo to collect our customers' views. Our campaign lasted 5 months and gave us some key insights:

  • a total of 2170 codes were bought;
  • total campaign revenue = $ 97.645;
  • 7000+ views of the product video from AppSumo;
  • 4000+ clicks from the AppSumo website during the campaign;
  • the growth of brand…

My name is Ivan Palii, I’m a product marketing manager at Sitechecker, sometimes I write about product management and marketing on my blog.

Over these 3 years, we conducted many experiments with pricing and made a lot of mistakes. What are these errors, and what types of experiments on the pricing page must be carried out in the first year of a startup — all this later in the article.

Why pricing is so important

Because it is one of the most flexible and influential parts of your business.

1. It is easy to change, compared with other variables

Product, positioning, traffic, team — changing any of these variables is an expensive and lengthy process…

Ivan Palii (PM @Sitechecker)

Product Manager at sitechecker.pro / Blogger at ivanhoe.pro

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