Everything from the creative process to the distribution — from the perspective of an amateur music producer

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Ever wondered what happens from the moment an artist has an idea to the moment they reach millions of fans? Well here’s a short rundown…

*for those bedroom artists and producers

1. Songwriting

This is where most of the creative work happens. A song is usually comprised of chords, lyrics, melody, and rhythm elements (some songs may not have lyrics, but melody is key). It’s important here to explore ideas and reference and sample music or sounds that are interesting and new to trigger as much inspiration as possible. …

My take

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

Recently, I was tasked to create 3 short audio samples for Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: one standalone reading of the sonnet and two instrumental pieces to accompany it (one traditional and one experimental). The assignment seemed simple and straightforward and I approached it as so…

Audio Recording and Editing

For the standalone reading, I began by recording myself doing a somewhat dramatic reading of the sonnet. After processing my audio sample in Garage Band, I exported it and sent it to myself and reopened the file in FL Studio to further edit it. Without a professional De-esser plug-in, it was quite a struggle trying to…

Ivan Peng

Music Production ᛫ Composition ᛫ Software Engineer ᛫ Business

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