Meet my fictitious characters

I told you that I am going to tell stories in a scientific way. Now here is a story:

All of the characters are living on the 11-th floor of big downtown apartment building. Then there was this big block party (Garret’s 30-th birthday) with lots of alcohol. At some point everyone got a little bit exited and in a philosophical mood (do not ask why). So a new initiative was born — The 11-th floor Saturday meeting. The initiative was proposed by a.k.a. Sri Humana and the idea in brief was that each weekend there will be a meeting of the neighbors where they will share their personal problems with the group so that everyone can receive a useful adviser from a qualified person or at least some feedback.

Here are profiles of the “11-th floor neighbor-group” members:

John and Sarah

Profile John
Profile Sarah

Max and Emily

Profile Max
Profile Emily

The Hudson Family — Just an average family — John (35 years old, IT specialist, works at medium IT Company, have a MIT bachelor degree), Sarah(36 years old ,house wife, works at family owned grocery store),Max (son -10 years old, likes rap music, sports and astronomy) Emily (daughter — 6 years old, likes to dance and spy on her brother).

The Hudson’s are living in a small apartment in the downtown of the Big city. The kids are going to the nearest school. Sarah was engaged in the kids rising but now she has enough spare time so the family recently decided to open small grocery store. The store is targeting local customers with green thinking. It offers small variety of healthy vegetables and fruits purchased from couple of farmers from the near region.


Profile Thomas

Thomas -The shy scientist — uncertain, wears glasses, do not uses comb, is good at math, cannot communicate very well with most of the people, express himself in a scientific way, future oriented. He comes from a rich family that still supports him with money. Graduated physics and statistics then worked couple of years in the National Statistical agency. Recently he got his on-line MBA degree and is looking for scientific job in Behavior Economics.

Sri Humana

Profile Sri Humana

a.k.a. Sri Humana — The Positive Guru — relaxed, matured, have an appearance of a wise man, express himself via vague words connected in a reasonable manner, talks slowly and clearly, there is passion in his words, believes in his philosophy (sometimes with the help of self-delusion), likes yoga and meditation, have a constant charming smile on his face (except in front of a camera), is spiritual, is focused on a holistic, existential and philosophical questions. Works as personal spiritual coach. His target group are rich and confused people. His followers are actors, musicians and sport stars. Have some bankrupted businessmen and the lazy-wives of their successful friends as clients too. He preaches” Intelligent Design” and likes to argue on a Holistic ideas with the help of abstract and sophisticated scientific theories like Quantum Mechanics.


Profile Garret

Garret — The lucky bastard — have well-paid job as CFO of small publicly listed financial company, confident, good looking, smart, gambler, surrounded by beautiful girls, thinks he is better than you and shows it with his attitude, is aggressive in his actions, likes game-sports and competition, likes adrenalin experiences, have aggressive strategies to conquer it all, is now-focused,


Profile Ann

Ann — The arrogant bitch — have well-paid job as Sales Executive of a Celebrity Magazine, confident, attractive, have new breasts implants, have experience in seducing man for career reasons, thinks she is better than you and shows it with her attitude, is aggressive, is interested in fashion, can start crying whenever she likes, is now-focused, changes hers philosophy depending on hers current personal interests.

That is pretty much everything you need to know. So watch out for the series.

Some Questions for you: No questions for you, this post is all about MY fictitious characters, remember!

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