Toronto Mayor attends Black Film Festival

It is the opening of Toronto’s Black Film Festival and Mayor John Tory is with sisters Ava and Allison Augustin. The two young ladies are well know actors who have been in some big movies.

We had a chance to interview Ana Bravo Mendoza on the red carpet. Ana is known from her work as a co-host of Hey Latino TV.

What do you think about such young ladies on the red carpet with the Mayor?

“I am so happy for them right now. I interviewed them last year and I am excited to see how far they have come.”

How does being around such young talent inspire someone like yourself?

“Ava is on a major release on Netflix for 2019 and it makes you realise that with hard work and networking anything is possible.”

It was a great cocktail reception followed by a powerful movie from South African movie Ellen: Die storie van Ellen Pakkies. The movie is based on a real story about a mother who kills her drug addicted son. The Director of the movie Daryne Joshua hit the stage after the screening to answer questions. It was clear from the audience questions and reactions that the movie and the night in general was a big hit.




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Sam Bronson

Sam Bronson

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