Are You Struggling in Your Make Money Online and Webpreneurship Endeavor? Read This!

How to stop making dimes and start building a real business, online.

First thing first – is make money online equal webpreneurship? Well, this blog post is not all about jargons – it’s all about where you want to be and what you’ve got to do to get there.

Before we continue, here’s my statement: Make money online is easy. The big question is: How much money you want to make?

It is said that the first $1,000 in making money online is the hardest – this is true, indeed. Once you can do that on regular basis, everything will be much easier.

Making $5 a month on Google AdSense is easy, but making $500 a month on Google AdSense is pretty challenging, and for the same amount of traffic Google AdSense might not be a good way to make money anymore.

To make more – at least to reach the $1,000 a month goal, you need a business strategy; you need to transform yourself from online money maker to be a webpreneur, and both “careers” are different in essence, as well as different in how much money you can generate online.

Make money online is a gimmick that explains all about money making activities done in the Internet medium; webpreneurship is all about transforming your money making activities into a system, and preferably, in a formal business entity (e.g. Limited Liability Company – LLC.)

John Chow, the problogger, did just that – he transforms his $40,000 a month money making blog into a real business (formed as an LLC) with strong traffic funnel and business system.

Here is the best strategy I have found so far for you to get started in transforming yourself from “informal” online money maker into a proper webpreneur:

  1. Learn and practice legit make money online methods that will stand the test of time.
  2. Discover what works, in term of potential and the amount of revenue generated; if not, repeat step 1
  3. Repeat and rinse – let’s do step 1 and/or 2 again and again!
  4. Automate the whole process via developing a “money making machine.” (a.k.a. a business system.)
  5. Build your empire, via retained earnings and/or investors’ money.

The key is in step 1 and 2 – this is where you will generate your first $1,000 online. Step 3 to 5 will get your $1,000 to grow exponentially to $5,000, $10,000, even $100,000.

So, if you are struggling even to make $50 online, you need to keep on learning and trying new methods. Keep on digging until you struck gold, because today, the Internet is really a gold mine!

Here are some resources to help you out:

Good luck in your endeavour!

About me: I am the Founder/CEO of online marketing agency Previso Media and several small business online blogs/magazines, such as, Biz Penguin. I build websites, promote good stuffs and blog about business and marketing.