Mr Rudenko,
Michael Pace

Are you sane? I made my post, this is only thing I support. All my replies are serving my post, not your questions. However, I consider you to be an active supporter of the ‘climate change’ scam, which is based on false claim of ‘green house’ effect. I replied to you , keeping in mind my post. Seems, you made your efforts to sway me from my post into your quiz, to discredit my post. I told you: I am not interested in your quiz. I applied all your questions in relevance to my post, or ignored them. For my post, the only pure ‘green house’ effect: a secondary radiation, a reflection of energy back onto surface — is relevant. All artificial methods are irrelevant for my agenda. You never provided your version of ‘green house’ effect, valid for ‘climate change’ scam. That’s because you have no clue, I think. I made my guess and provided for you one, published by liberal activists. And you are attacking me for that? You managed to claim ‘a lie’ even my exerts I ‘copied-pasted’ from your replies! And finally: I am proficient in several languages. I am posting for you in your language and have nothing, to be ashamed of.

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