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Climate change is the most audacious scientific fraud of the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and now — even of 21st centuries. It’s simplicity is unbelievable, on level of common knowledge, on manipulations with table of multiplication. It’s nature is satanic: Life is “guilty”, to produce Life. But let’s take a look, what is it telling — because it is the most guarded secret. 390 ppm (parts per million) proportion of atmospheric CO2 would be warming up entire globe. And is melting glaciers, in addition. It would be: some mom gave to her 22 lbs kid 4 ea. 1-penny coins — to warm him/her up on 2 degrees Celsius, and “melt glaciers”. Got it? Because, this, what “390 ppm” is: 3.9 grams per 22 lbs (or 10 kilograms). Any middle school student is capable to calculate required temperature of the “coins”, to make “job” for climate fraudsters — it would be on level of temperature on surface of the Sun. Needs to say: physics of heat was learned in 20th century only. Whichever wild fantasy in previous centuries was impossible to prove/overturn. But today it is commonly known: the heat is radiation — the stream of photons. Only “free” photons can transport heat. Fantasies about “captured” photons, would be producing heat is just an insinuation of the illiterates. 1. The light, we see, is the heat in the visible range of radiation — very important! One cannot understand “climate change” fraud without knowing this basic. 2. All laws of optics are valid for heat, therefore. Another very important truth! 3. Only reflection can change direction of “free photons” back onto surface! 4. No reflection — no greenhouse effect! 5. Reflection occurs on cross section between two environments! — law of optics. 6. CO2 doesn’t form any “environment”, cannot produce reflections — nor can it produce greenhouse effect, therefore. What we are witnessing — a desperate attempt of the fraudulent liberal mob to save their fraud. This, why help of hi-techs is needed. Say he truth — entire leftist’s system can collapse. But fraud of former punks, missed their high school classes is so low-tech! It is offensive to simple intelligence, to listen their foolish as “science”! Recently, the true purpose of fraud was published — to finance liberals’ agendas worldwide. You can take a look here: The climate change scientific fraud is not limited just to $Trillions, defrauded countries worldwide. As liberals’ “cadres” started to believe in their own lie, we can see results: weather forecasts are inaccurate. Whenever there is rain in forecast, its time will be wrong even for a couple hours ahead. Then it will be rolled for later time several times. Not a wonder, if there will be no rain at all. Worse is already in place: there is US sunken ship already, after sailing into severe storm. Expect more tragedies in aviation, transportation, military, Air Force, Navy. Moreover: in California flood disaster NBC News exposed “climate change” scientific falsehood by disclosing a real source of “change” (available on youtube link, at around 4:20 minutes, And it is not a non-existing 0.039% amount of atmospheric CO2, but geothermal heat from liberals’ backyard on Hawaii. Anybody can see: 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava flows into Pacific Ocean daily, unstoppable for over 33 years: Now we are witnessing an infringement into national security, for a profit of climate fraudsters.