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“Climate change” scam cannot comply with Today’s science of heat as a beam of particles — photons, is switching to 19th century view on heat, instead. Great example of the heat is the light, which is the heat in a visible bandwidth of radiation. Only reflection can change direction of beam of light back onto surface — exactly same is true for the heat. In the booklet, Page B1: , the US Academy of Sciences insists: “Some of the infrared radiation passes through the atmosphere. Some is absorbed by greenhouse gases and re-emitted in all directions by the atmosphere. The effect of this is to warm Earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere” — is wrong! And it is a foundation of “climate change” scam! Heat is spreading not “in all directions”, but according to the Law of Thermal Dynamics: from higher temperature into lower! This is, how climate fraudsters altered greenhouse effect, removed reflection of heat as its physics and made-up a Nobel-Prize-grade scientific fraud, an insult to every intelligent person in the world. To make an apparent fraud even more evident, volcano Kilauea, in liberals’ backyard on Hawaii, is sabotaged. This one is flowing into Pacific Ocean 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava daily, unstoppable for over 30 years! What is scary: the falsification of basics of physics of Heat is apparent and “97% of scientists” are “agree” with it! Only blindfolded scientists cannot trace such a heat directly to the melting glaciers. By sabotaging a real, huge amount of heat, liberals ate firmly proving: their way of politics is irresponsible making up “scary problems” — to present self as only solution. They aren’t interesting in “climate change”, neither in “sea level rise”.

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