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“Climate change” scientific fraud is hundreds years old, even Peter the Great taxed chimneys, effectively forcing population to live with their cattle. Climate fraudsters are fooling entire Universe by their debilitating “science”, in which every single part of the atmospheric CO2 would be warming up 1 000 000 : 390 = 2564 parts of atmosphere on 2 degrees Celsius. And is melting glaciers, in addition! The “poor”, non-existing 0.039% amount of atmospheric CO2 has its 99.61% “alibi” — it doesn’t exist. To make matter worse, fraudsters are sabotaging a real source, affecting global climate: geothermal heat. Recently, NBC News exposed this source of “climate change” in California flood disaster. Volcano Kilauea, in Hawaii, is flowing into Pacific Ocean 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava daily, unstoppable for over 33 years! Nevertheless, some liberal zombie is blaming California flood disaster on “manmade” geothermal power plant, which has a minuscule portion of huge geothermal power of volcano Kilauea. NBC News weather forecast is available on youtube link, at around 4:20 minutes, If Science would not be sabotaged, such a problem would became manageable, impact predictable. Everybody can see: fraudsters are reckless, are making their personal prosperity on infringement into national security. Not to mention $Trillions of loss for affected by fraud businesses. Prison is waiting for such reckless fraudsters to long!

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