This alarming chart shows the reality of global warming over 100 years
World Economic Forum

In the atmosphere, the warmer air and water vapors are rising upward, from areas of higher atmospheric pressure into lower. Therefore, the atmosphere is a giant natural air conditioner with two refrigerants in it: air and water vapors. In the marvelous God’s design of such an eternal machine, the atmospheric pressure is serving as a compressor and the heat — as a pump. Only fraudulent “science” can ignore of the apparent and push it’s CO2 scientific fraud in its place. CO2 doesn’t even legally exist: there is 390 ppm = 0.039% of atmospheric CO2. Non-existing things cannot warm up of the globe. It is an apparent fraud: pollution of the entire Universe with fraudulent charts of the temperature in the atmospheric air conditioner, without even making distinction between intake and exhaust. Laughable: and tell — it is the “Science”. In their staggering recklessness, liberal culprits are abusing flood disasters, to push their “climate change” scientific fraud. What is going on, really, disclosed by NBC News in California flood disaster, by disclosing a real source of “change” (available on youtube link, at around 4:20 minutes, Liberal fraudsters “reassigned” a real cause — geothermal heat of the volcano Kilauea, on Hawaii, to their fake “climate change” one. Volcano Kilauea is flowing into Pacific Ocean 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava daily, unstoppable for over 33 years! It is an apparent infringement into public safety, National security not just of the USA, but of the entire world. And in unbelievable liberals’ audacity — are imposing their fraud on government of the USA!

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