“POTUS isn’t just suppressing, he’s destroying data — they’re taking computers.”
Roger Cooper

It is commonly known — for ones, having some memory. It was Russia then Prime Minister Mr. Putin, who responded to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in connection of joining “Climate Change” agenda: the science of “climate change” is wrong, but Russia is agree, for liberals — to pursue their agenda as politically motivated. No words of disagreement from government of USA followed. In no way, voters in USA would support liberals’ “political motivations”: keep their hands on “throat” of economy of capitalism by manipulation with energy supplies; projecting their influence on global scale; getting their financing just “out of the air”. So, altered “science” was imposed on businesses, colleges — with students, paying for such a debilitating “science”, in which a non-existing 0.039% amount of atmospheric CO2 is managing to warm up of the entire globe on 2–4 degrees Celsius, with no balance of energy ever provided. If ever would — fraudsters would claim another Sun in the atmosphere. Meantime, volcano Kilauea, in liberals’ backyard on Hawaii, is flowing into Pacific Ocean 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava daily, unstoppable for over 30 years! For a country, tracking nuclear submarines on traces of their heat, it is impossible — not to trace such amount of heat directly to melting glaciers. Unless “97% of scientists” are politically blindfolded by leftists’ plants in government — starting from US Academy of Sciences, apparently. The problem with an apparent scientific fraud — it is centuries old and it is a part of liberals’ secret playbook. Their playbook — this what must be published and banned from politics.