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It is staggering: liberal “activists” are talking about “climate change” scientific fraud as a “standards of Science”! Standard of Science always was and will be: all “theories” must comply with balances of energy and mass. If any doesn’t comply, it is a fraud. Exactly, as clueless Author does: in grocery store — check for balance of mass and at gas station — for balance of energy. Speaking about balance of energy for “climate change” “theory”, in which 390 ppm of atmospheric CO2 would be is warming up of the entire globe on 2 degrees Celsius, a simple calculation from balance of energy will provide required temperature of CO2, just to warm up of the atmosphere: t_co2 = 1 000 000 : 390 : 0.8 x 2 = 6410 degrees Celsius. It is higher, than temperature on surface of the Sun — even without increasing it, for to melt glaciers and to compensate of the heat dissipation! Apparently “standard of Science” is swallowed by wicked standard of media.

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