Mr Rudenko,
Michael Pace

One your fraud drugs another. 390 ppm = 0.039% , commonly approved, published amount of CO2 in the atmosphere for year 2016. 0.039% = 0.00039, 100% = 1, a common way of calculation. UN version of scam stops at ‘trapping’ heat, without re-radiation. Would be: at darkness. You aren’t entitled, to update it with YOUR falsehood. I am not familiar, by which fantasy about ‘greenhouse’ you are fooled. I read from liberal ‘activists’, claiming 50/50 percent of the upward/downward radiation from CO2 as greenhouse effect. That’s false. Already, once I posted for you the Law of Thermal Dynamics, you managed to remember of the ‘topic’ only. Here it is, use it to fix your illiteracy: ‘Heat is spreading in direction from higher temperature to lower’. Only in THAT direction—no 50/50 percent upward/downward for fraudulent fools. ALL materials are ‘trapping’/releasing photons in process of heat exchange. Why are you claiming your falsehood for CO2 only? Get lost now, take some classes. Or extend your illiteracy on all materials, all wavelengths.

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