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Recklessness of the climate fraudsters is staggering. Low level of their “climate change” fraud is just offensive. The “simplicity”, in their “climate change” scientific fraud “complexity” makes fools’ “science” anecdotal. In the atmosphere, hot air and water vapors are rising upward, from areas of higher atmospheric pressure into lower. Therefore, atmosphere is a giant air conditioner with two refrigerants in it: air and water vapors. Disturbed former punks, missed their high school classes, derailed NASA from their job, to flood entire Universe with charts of temperature in the atmospheric air conditioner, not even bother — to distinct between intake and exhaust! Fraudsters named it “science”! As fraudsters started to implement their lies into real life, the problem is born: weather forecasts are unreliable. US ship sunk, sailing into severe weather. In California flood disaster, NBC News accidentally pointed to the true source of flood: geothermal heat from Hawaii. Look here, around 4:20 There, volcano Kilauea is flowing into Pacific Ocean a river of volcanic lava, 400 000 tons a day, over 33 years unstoppable! Look here: This, where “change” is coming from. To fight of the real “change”, investments are needed, while fraud is made up taxable. That’s all fraudsters’ “science”, the fraudsters built their feed trow from. Who can even name such a fraudulent mob “scientists”?

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