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The great example of the heat is the light, which is the heat in a visible bandwidth of radiation. The only reflection can change direction of a beam of the light — exactly same is true for the heat. Fraudsters do not even claim reflection of the heat in their ‘greenhouse effect’ claim for atmospheric CO2 — a clear proof of the ‘climate change’ scam to be a low-tech scientific fraud, an insult to every intelligent person in the world. To make an apparent fraud even more transparent, a volcano Kilauea, in liberals’ backyard on Hawaii, is sabotaged. This one is flowing into Pacific Ocean 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava daily, unstoppable for over 30 years! The only blindfolded scientists cannot trace such a heat directly to melting glaciers. In another illiterate blunder, fraudsters are claiming: 390 ppm of CO2 — like 0.39 grams ant on 1-liter bottle of soda — is warming up of the soda there on 2 degrees Celsius. In addition — is melting glaciers under it! Uneducated fraudsters have no honor, no conscience, nor shame! Undoubtedly, the President of the USA must be briefed on the true nature of the scam, otherwise involved government agencies supposed to be indicted in the treason.

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